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Help and information

It’s not easy to cope with drug addiction or with the worry that someone you love is misusing drugs. However a lot of support and advice is available.

What to do in an emergency


If you are concerned about drug crime in your area – whether you are worried in general or have a specific problem you can contact the following authorities:

Children and young people


If you’re worried about yourself, a friend or member of your family, FRANK can give you impartial information, advice and support on any issue to do with drugs.

Website:  www.talktofrank.com (new window)
Tel:  0800 77 66 00
Email: frank@talktofrank.com
Text FRANK if you are hard of hearing:  0800 917 8765

If you’re affected by parents taking drugs

Coping in a family where a parent or carer has a problem with drugs can feel very lonely. But if you're in this situation, you're not alone.

Over a quarter of a million young people have one or more parents with a serious drug problem. Almost a million have a parent who has problems with alcohol. Which means that there are people out there who can understand how you feel - and organizations that can give you help and support.


Support groups are for teenagers who're affected by someone else’s drinking – usually a parent.

Tel: 020 7403 0888
Website: www.al-anonuk.org.uk/alateen.php (new window)


For children and young people, who're in any kind of trouble or danger.

Tel: 0800 11 11
Website: www.childline.org.uk (new window)


Confidential advice for everyone aged between 13 and 19 on issues ranging from families to health, jobs and relationships.

Tel: 080 800 13 2 19
Text: 077664 13 2 19
Website: www.connexions-direct.com (new window)

Facts and figures

  • Around 4 million people use at least one illicit drug each year
  • 10 per cent of people aged 16–59 have used an illegal drug in the last year
  • Class A drug use among young people has been stable since 1998 at around 8%

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