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Drug laws are designed to protect the public from harm.

Drugs and the law

The country's drug laws are designed to limit drug abuse, and keep communities safe.

Drug laws perform many different functions:

  • help protect people from harm
  • punish the criminals who keep the illegal drug-trade going
  • minimise the negative effects of illegal drugs on communities

The laws are complex and constantly changing, but they must adapt with drug criminals they seek to stop.

Drug penalties and illegality ties in with how each drug is classed. Drugs can be Class A, B or C.

  • Class A drugs are the most dangerous, and the legal penalties related to them are the most serious.
  • Class B drugs are considered less dangerous, and the legal penalties involved are lower.
  • Class C drugs are considered the least dangerous illegal drugs.

Explore this section to find out more.

  • Class A, B and C drugs

    Learn which drugs are considered the most dangerous, and penalties associated with each class.

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