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Reducing the availability of illegal drugs

Drug dealing on our streets is usually accompanied by violence and disruption. It can very quickly damage a town's quality of life.

Ready availability of illegal drugs can make it easier for young people to develop drug addictions. They make it much harder for ex-drug users to stay clean.

Getting illegal drugs off the streets

We're working to get Class A drugs off the streets by:

  • tackling the drug supply at all levels - locally, regionally and internationally
  • effective policing
  • sharing information between government agencies -- Police now share information with HM Revenue and Customs
  • confiscating money made from drug trafficking

Our work to fight drug trafficking

  • The Anti-Social Behaviour Act helps police work with local authorities to close crack houses within 48 hours
  • The Drugs Act 2005 (new window) gave police new powers to test for Class A drugs
  • Operation Crackdown closed drug dens, disrupted local drug markets, seized firearms and brought drug dealers to justice
  • Powers to investigate and confiscate the proceeds of crime have been strengthened - so far £84 million has been seized
  • We're working closely with other countries to stop gangs involved in drug trafficking
  • The Connected fund (new window) offers advice and funding to reduce gun crime in your community

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