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Information about our drugs strategy.

Tackling drugs misuse

We're working hard to help protect communities by reducing the number of people addicted to drugs.

The government’s Drug Strategy (new window) highlights four main areas of work:

  • protecting communities through robust enforcement to tackle drug supply, drug-related crime and anti-social behaviour
  • preventing harm to children, young people and families affected by drug misuse
  • delivering new approaches to drug treatment and social re-integration
  • public information campaigns, communications and community engagement

Our ten-year drug strategy (2008-2018) (new window) aims to restrict the supply of illegal drugs and reduce the demand for them. It focuses on protecting families and strengthening communities.

Facts and figures

  • The UK illicit drug market is estimated to be worth between £4 billion and £6.6 billion
  • Class A drug use generates an estimated £15.4 billion in crime and health costs each year, of which 99% is accounted for by problem drug users
  • Between a third and a half of acquisitive crime is estimated to be drug related

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