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About Equality 2025

A new way of bringing the views and experiences of disabled people to government

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Equality 2025 is a network of disabled people which advises the Westminster Government on how to achieve disability equality. It was set up in December 2006 in response to the Government report 'Improving the Life Chances of Disabled People'. (link opens at Equality 2025's members offer a diverse range of skills and experience from a variety of backgrounds. Together, the group has been appointed as an informed source of advice and expertise on disability issues . Each member has been appointed for three years.

Find out about the members of Equality 2025.

Equality 2025 First Annual Report

Hard copies of the report are available in a range of accessible formats, including Braille. If you would like a copy please contact for details.

Memorandum of Understanding

In June 2007 Equality 2025 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Anne McGuire MP, Minister for Disabled People. The memorandum outlines how the group and government will work together.

Memorandum of Understanding PDF (205KB, 65 Pages)
Memorandum of Understanding RTF (2.42MB, 65 Pages).

The Memorandum of Understanding sets out a framework between members of Equality 2025, the Office for Disability Issues and the Minister for Disabled People. This is not a legally binding document, but has been signed by all parties in the spirit of mutual cooperation and respect. It outlines respective commitments and responsibilities. Hard copies of this memorandum are available in a range of accessible formats. If you would like a copy please contact for details.

Page last reviewed: 19 September 2008