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About the NRU

A New Commitment to Neighbourhood Renewal: A National Strategy Action Plan (Acrobat 1.58kb)


The Neighbourhood Renewal Unit (NRU) is responsible for overseeing the Government's comprehensive neighbourhood renewal strategy. A strategy that responds to local circumstances rather than directs everything from Whitehall.

It aims to harness the hundreds of billions of pounds spent by key government departments rather than relying on one-off regeneration spending. A range of different programmes have been established to determine local needs and to pilot new ways to fight deprivation in our poorest, most deprived communities

The NRU is part of the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and working with government offices· neighbourhood renewal teams, we oversee and support local strategic partnerships in the 86 most deprived districts in England.


The NRU runs a number of the government's cross-sector regeneration programmes, including:

New Deal for Communities, partnerships tackling the five key themes:

  • poor job prospects
  • high levels of crime
  • educational under-achievement
  • poor health
  • problems with housing and the physical environment.

Neighbourhood Management, working with local agencies to improve and link their services at a local neighbourhood level.

Neighbourhood Wardens, providing a highly visible, uniformed, semi-official presence in residential and public areas, town centres and high-crime areas.

We also run a number of programmes focusing on the importance of business involvement in tackling disadvantage.



The NRU encourages communities to play a central role in delivering neighbourhood renewal through our £96 million programme to develop a community participation infrastructure.

We lead and mobilise key sectors to play their part in neighbourhood renewal through our engagement with a wide range of partners, including the private sector, professional bodies and local authorities.


We monitor the progress of the National Strategy on Neighbourhood Renewal, assessing the barriers it faces and commissioning independent evaluations

We continue to develop government understanding of the problems of deprived neighbourhoods.

The NRU team

The Neighbourhood Renewal Unit was established in 2001 and is headed by Joe Montgomery, who was previously the Executive Director of Regeneration for the London Borough of Lewisham.

The NRU is not about Whitehall telling local governments and communities how they should run things. We are about co-ordination, interaction and the exchange of ideas in the field of urban renewal. It is a continuous, two-way process and this website is a key part of that process. It is a source of information and advice and a place to communicate the ideas and experiences of everyone involved in neighbourhood renewal, from the people directly affected by urban deprivation to the highest levels of government.


Other areas of interest

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