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Class: Edinburgh, Modified Southampton class

Sister ship: HMS Edinburgh (sunk May 1942)

Built: Harland and Wolff Shipyard, Belfast. Keel laid 10 December 1936

Launched: 17 March 1938 - St. Patrick's Day

Commissioned: Commissioned into the Royal Navy 5 August 1939

Standard displacement: 11,553 tons

Overall length: 613 feet 6 inches (187metres)

Beam: 69 feet (21metres)

Draught: 19 feet 9 inches (6.1metres)

Armament (1959): Twelve (4x3) 6-inch; eight (4x2) 4-inch HA/LA; twelve (6x2) Bofors AA

Propulsive machinery: Four Admiralty 3-drum boilers; four steam powered Parsons single reduction geared turbines driving four shafts at 80,000 shaft horsepower

Maximum speed: 32 knots (36 miles / 58 km per hour)

Complement: 750 - 850 (as flagship)