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The Cabinet Office is at the centre of government, making government work better. This website brings together information from units in the Department.

New Year Honours List 2009

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The 2009 New Year Honours List is published today, recognising outstanding achievement and service across the whole of the community. Honours range from a knighthood for Olympic cycling hero Chris Hoy to an MBE for 87-year-old local hero Dorothy Hatton, who has spent more than six decades helping with the work of the Royal British Legion in Leicester.

The rise and fall in oil prices: analysis of fundamental and financial drivers

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The paper "The rise and fall in oil prices: analysis of fundamental and financial drivers" was produced by the Cabinet Office, working with DECC and HM Treasury. The paper seeks to shed light on the role of current market conditions, expectations of future conditions, and financial flows into futures markets in explaining oil price trends during this decade, especially the rise and subsequent fall in oil prices since late-2007.

Family life in Britain for the 21st century

Families in Britain evidence paper - front cover

The Government has published a full and comprehensive analysis of family life in Britain in the 21st century. ‘Families in Britain: an evidence paper’, a joint report with DCSF, looks at how and why families have changed in recent decades and the implications those changes for children, adults and society. It also sets out a number of family policy principles.

Aspirations and attainment in deprived communities

Aspirations and attainment in deprived communities analysis evidence cover

‘Aspirations and attainment in deprived communities’ is a joint project between the Social Exclusion Task Force, DCSF and CLG.  ‘Aspirations and attainment in deprived communities’ is a joint project between the Social Exclusion Task Force, DCSF and CLG.  It explores the potential to raise the attainment of young people in deprived communities, by raising aspirations and changing attitudes within these communities.

Fair rules for strong communities

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The Prime Minister has set out the Government's 'fair rules' agenda, outlining a wide range of policy initiatives designed to support strong communities. The 'Fair Rules for Strong Communities' strategy sets out a comprehensive series of reforms covering welfare reform, crime and policing, children and young people, business rules, immigration and communities, which are designed to bring people together and steer the country through the global economic downturn.

Getting on, getting ahead

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The Prime Minister's Strategy Unit has published 'Getting on, getting ahead,' an independent research paper analysing the evidence base on social mobility. The discussion paper identifies key trends and drivers of social mobility, highlighting four key areas where the Government can have the most significant impact on improving social mobility.

Help shape government policy on social exclusion

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Kevin Brennan, minister for social exclusion has launched the Socially Excluded Adults Public Service Agreement Community of Practice. This is an innovative and interactive web forum to help deliver the government's commitment to radically improve the life chances of vulnerable adults by helping them get back on track to a more successful life. The community is open to anyone involved or interested in helping to improve services for vulnerable groups, whether you work in local or central government, for a service provider, or in the third sector.