The future of nuclear power: the role of nuclear power in a low carbon UK economy

Starting Date: 23-05-07

Closing Date: 10-10-07

The Government is consulting on the future of nuclear power in the UK. We want you to take part in this. You can visit our interactive website where you can submit your response directly online.

The consultation seeks views on the information and arguments set out on whether the private sector should be allowed to build new nuclear power stations.

We want to hear from members of the public, industry, non-Governmental organisations (NGOs) or any other organisation or public body.

We are seeking views on whether the Government has considered the relevant arguments; whether we have considered the arguments reasonably and whether there are other important arguments we have overlooked.

Your views will contribute to the shaping of the policy on the future of civil nuclear power in the UK. They will help Government assess the arguments before it reaches its final decision on the future of new nuclear build.

We will consider carefully the responses we get and this will enable us to take a decision on nuclear later in the year.

Technical consultations: Justification and Strategic Siting Assessment

Alongside this in-principle consultation there is a linked technical consultation on the details of running a Justification process and a Strategic Siting Assessment.

Consultation Documents

Consultation Responses