Establishing good communication with the courts is an important part of agencies working together to tackle anti-social behaviour. Issues to be discussed with court officials include:

It is important to discuss the training of the local judiciary on the impact of anti-social behaviour on the community and the benefits of the enforcement tools available to protect the community;

Agreeing standard procedures with court officials to deal with anti-social behaviour enforcement tools is also important. These procedures cover issues such as

  • agreed standards for agencies to present evidence of consultation to the court
  • standards for serving documents on the defence
  • agreed timescales for listing cases for hearings (some courts reserve a particular day each week to hear applications for anti-social behaviour orders)
  • documents to be prepared by the applicant agency in support of the application
  • the order and format of evidence
  • how to deal with adjournments

In many areas these agreed standards are expressed in the form of a service level agreement formally drawn up between the courts and the agencies responsible for taking enforcement action against perpetrators of anti-social behaviour.


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