Packed lunch ideas

Packed lunch ideas

Three week's worth of packed lunch ideas that are in line with the standards for food served in schools.

The following table contains three weeks of packed lunch ideas that are in line with the food-based standards for school lunch. They have been designed to provide a variety of foods over the week, which also appeal to children.

The ideas have been analysed by price and time. This information demonstrates that to provide a week’s worth of packed lunches that are as varied and nutritious as school food is a time consuming task. To achieve such a broad range of packed lunches would require a significant amount of preparation time and financial cost. Indeed, our research has shown that packed lunches contain more unhealthy products.

For these reasons, the easiest way to ensure that your child is eating a healthy lunch every day is to give them school meals which must now comply with food-based standards.

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Food Safety and Hygiene

It is important to consider food safety when preparing and storing a packed lunch in order to prevent food poisoning. It is very often difficult for schools to provide refrigeration for packed lunches and harmful bacteria can multiply when food is stored at room temperature. The extent of handling involved in preparing packed lunches also increases the risk of contamination.

More information on food safety is available on the Food Standards Agency’s website:

Packed Lunches FAQs

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