Community engagement

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The benefits of being informed

Communicating with your local community about the action you have taken to tackle the problems they are facing is vital, because what matters most to people in communities is what they see on and around their own door step, day in day out. And for far too many that is anti-social behaviour.

Local people point to concerns about nuisance, harassment, intimidating groups hanging around, litter, fly-tipping, noise, graffiti and criminal damage – all of this is anti-social behaviour.

Rules about behaviour – big or small – are there to make everyone feel safe. When those rules are broken, there has to be a consequence. That’s what the community expects, and those consequences need to be visible to the community. This needs to be learnt in every home, school and community. When it is, people feel safe, children thrive and communities work together to improve things for themselves.

The public need to be informed. Evidence shows that when people feel informed about action being taken to tackle anti-social behaviour they have significantly more confidence in their local police and local authority than those who do not. There is a real benefit to you in getting this right. (A slide for you to use is available here - Benefits of being informed).

We need to create stronger communities – ones where people are informed about what action is happening to address their concerns, where people feel it is worth them taking the time to pick up the phone, go to a residents’ meeting or put a youth night on for the local kids – and the key to making this happen is communications.


The lifting of reporting restrictions in ASBO breach cases came into force in July 2005 when the commencement of Section 141 of the Serious Crime and Police Act 2005 inserted paras 10D and 10E into Section 1 of the Crime and Disorder Act.


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