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Neville Heath - a dangerous man for a woman to have known

Margery Gardner It was at the Pembridge Court Hotel in May 1946, just after the War, where a 32 year old woman Margery Gardner went to a hotel room with a good-looking younger man, the so-called Lt Colonel Neville Heath.

They settled in to a night of activity in the hotel room, but an alert member of the hotel staff interrupted proceedings, and, in retrospect, probably saved Margery Gardner's life.

But Margery Gardner was a risk taker and agreed to accompany Heath back to his room in the same hotel on 20 th June. Heath opened the hotel door with his key - there was no night porter - and he took her up to Room 4. The next morning the chambermaid found the room in disarray, and the dead body of Margery Gardener, horribly mutilated. There was no sign of Heath, who by this time had gone down to visit his unofficial fiancee - a Miss Symonds - in Worthing. From there he went to Bournemouth - with a new name and rank of Group Captain Rupert Brooke.

Doreen Marshall

On 3 rd July he entertained Miss Doreen Marshall to dinner at the West Cliff hotel, Bournemouth, and escorted her out of the premises at about 11.30pm. Doreen Marshall was never seen alive again.