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  • 2008/41 Performance in higher education estates: EMS annual report 2007 (November)
  • 2008/40 Recurrent grants for 2008-09: final allocations (October) (Web only)
  • 2008/39 Graduates and their early careers (October) (Web only)
  • 2008/38 Strategically important and vulnerable subjects: Final report of the 2008 advisory group (October) (Web only)
  • 2008/37 HESES08: Higher Education Students Early Statistics Survey 2008-09 (October)
  • 2008/36 HEIFES08: Higher Education in Further Education: Students Survey 2008-09 (October)
  • 2008/35 Higher Education Innovation Fund round four institutional strategies: overview and commentary (October)
  • 2008/34 Higher Education Innovation Fund round four outcomes (October) (Web only)
  • 2008/33 Funding higher education in England (September)
  • 2008/32 Compact schemes in higher education institutions (September)
  • 2008/31 'Single conversation' annual accountability returns 2008 (September) (Web only)
  • 2008/30 2007-08 statistics derived from HESA data: guide to HEFCE web facility (September) (Web only)
  • 2008/29 Research Activity Survey 2008 (September)
  • 2008/28 Future support for teaching enhancement and widening participation: consultation on changes to the teaching funding method (August) (Web only)
  • 2008/27 A new 'University Challenge': consultation on proposals for higher education centres (July)
  • 2008/26 Staff employed at HEFCE-funded HEIs update: trends and profiles (July) (Web only)
  • 2008/25 2007-08 statistics derived from ILR data: guide to HEFCE web facility (July) (Web only)
  • 2008/24 Summer schools 2008-2010: guidance for Aimhigher partnerships and invitation to higher education providers to apply for matched funding for additional summer school provision (July)
  • 2008/23 Reimbursement of inherited staff liabilities: consultation on possible changes to HEFCE policy (July) (Out of print)
  • 2008/22 Higher Education - Business and Community Interaction Survey 2006-07 (July)
  • 2008/21 Report of the Quality Assurance Framework Review Group (July)
  • 2008/20 HEFCE grant adjustments 2008-09 (July)
  • 2008/19 Model Financial Memorandum between HEFCE and institutions (June)
  • 2008/18 Sustainable development in HE - consultation on 2008 update to strategic statement and action plan (June)
  • 2008/17 EU statistics on public procurement - annual return for calendar year 2007 (June) (Web only)
  • 2008/16 Foundation degrees: key statistics 2001-02 to 2007-08 (May) (Web only)
  • 2008/15 HEFCE strategic plan 2006-11 (May)
  • 2008/14 Counting what is measured or measuring what counts? League tables and their impact on higher education institutions in England (April)
  • 2008/13 Withdrawal of funding for equivalent or lower qualifications (ELQs): outcomes of consultation (April) (Web only)
  • 2008/12 Recurrent grants for 2008-09 (March)
  • 2008/11 Contacts in higher education (February)
  • 2008/10 HEFCE widening participation and fair access research strategy: 2008 update (February) (Web only)
  • 2008/09 Islamic studies: trends and profiles (February) (Web only)
  • 2008/08 2006-07 statistics derived from ILR data for the monitoring and allocation of funding in FECs (February) (Web only)
  • 2008/07 2006-07 statistics derived from HESA data for monitoring and allocation of funding (February) (Web only)
  • 2008/06 Handbook for Members of Audit Committees in Higher Education Institutions: Committee of University Chairmen (February)
  • 2008/05 Guidance for Aimhigher partnerships: updated for the 2008-2011 programme (February)
  • 2008/04 Capital Investment Fund: capital for learning and teaching, research and infrastructure 2008-2011 (January)
  • 2008/03 Revolving green fund: consultation on the aims and operation of a revolving green fund (January) (Out of print)
  • 2008/02 Higher Education Innovation Fund round 4: invitation and guidance for institutional strategies (January)
  • 2008/01 Revisions to Financial Memorandum: consultation on changes to the funding agreement between HEFCE and institutions (January)

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