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8 September 2008 HEFCE logo
To  Heads of HEFCE-funded higher education institutions
Telephone 0117 931 7317
Facsimile 0117 931 7203

Circular letter number 24/2008

For further information contact Yvonne Hawkins (tel 0117 931 7214, e-mail, David Noyce (tel 0117 931 7349, e-mail or Chris Millward (tel 0117 931 7448, e-mail

Dear Vice-Chancellor or Principal

HEFCE reorganisation

1.   This letter provides general information about institutional contacts at HEFCE following our reorganisation this month. No action is required in response.

2.   In May 2008 we informed you by e-mail of our new structure, in which institutional teams have replaced regional teams. Since then we have been working to strengthen our internal processes and resource to enhance our relationships with institutions. In doing this we have drawn on the feedback from our most recent Ipsos MORI survey of higher education institutions (HEIs). I am pleased to say that the new team structures and roles have now taken effect.

3.   David Sweeney has taken up his post as Director for Research, Innovation and Skills. Together with Steve Egan as Deputy Chief Executive and John Selby as Director for Education and Participation, he will be working with me and the HEFCE Board on the development of overall strategy.

4.   We have three new Associate Directors – Yvonne Hawkins for the South and Midlands, Chris Millward for the North, and David Noyce for London and the East. In addition to leading HEFCE’s institutional teams, they will develop a high-level strategic understanding of the institutions in the regions for which they are responsible, and will use this to support strategic developments, to manage risks, and to ensure that institutional perspectives are given full consideration in the development and evaluation of HEFCE policy.

5.   The key contacts for senior management teams in HEIs will remain the HEFCE regional consultants, who will continue to build and maintain effective relationships with HEIs and other stakeholders in their regions. The regional consultants will provide expert advice on institutional strategy and on HEFCE policy and funding developments, and they will initiate and lead our strategic investments to support the development of institutions and regions.

6.   Each institution will also be assigned a HEFCE higher education policy adviser (HEPA), who will be a first point of contact within HEFCE for queries of any kind.

7.   Your institutional team will contact you before the end of September to confirm the allocation of regional consultants and HEPAs to your institution.

8.   A chart showing our senior management team is enclosed. We recently announced the appointment of Heather Fry as Head of Learning and Teaching; she appears in the chart, though does not join us until 10 November.

Yours sincerely

Professor David Eastwood
Chief Executive