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Caps fixed for voluntary giving scheme

Final cap levels for tiers 2 and 3 of the matched funding scheme have now been set.

Finance and assurance

We are responsible for substantial sums of public funding - £7,476 million in 2008-09, announced in HEFCE 2008/12. This money is provided by the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, and allocated by us according to principles laid out in our funding method. In doing this, we work to ensure value for money and that funds are used for the intended purposes.

This section provides information on:

  • finance and funding of higher education institutions and activities in England

  • the HEFCE Assurance Service, whose role is to review the systems of internal control, corporate governance and risk management in higher education institutions, within HEFCE itself, and in HEFCE's related bodies.

Accountability: creating a new relationship

We are working to reduce the amount of bureaucracy and regulation that result from the public funding of higher education institutions. More information is available.

Last updated 16 September 2008