ITAEA believes that strong IT capabilities are the backbone of our programme’s success. At the outset of any new project, we have the skills, the resources and the technically innovative thinking to create IT solutions that not only work, but are core to the success of the programme.

With a team of over 30 technical experts, AEA is able to provide a wide range of technical solutions depending on the needs of the programme.   Our offerings include a range of both bespoke and tailored solutions such as websites, web applications, Content Management, Project Management and Customer Relationship Management systems.  We also have specialist skills in database development, licenced software management and data solutions.

The IT solutions we provide are secure, technically proven, well supported and flexible - allowing for rapid systems development to meet changing programme requirements and needs from the customer.

As a business we understand that effectively communicating our technical offerings through bespoke IT solutions is key to ensuring sustainable behavioural change.

Learn more about our IT experience by reading the Case Studies linked below.