New Visions

New Visions
New Visions
New Visions: Contemporary Art at the National Maritime Museum 

New Visions is the Museum's contemporary art programme to encourage and broaden access to the arts. The Museum commissions British and international artists to explore themes that illustrate the significance of the sea, time and stars to an ever-changing audience.

Explore the current, upcoming and previous commissions below.

Previous commissions

  • Simon Patterson
    Simon Patterson’s artwork explores the sea, ships and time, concepts that are at the heart of NMM collections and research.
  • Esther Shalev-Gerz
    A new commission by Paris-based artist Esther Shalev-Gerz responds to the rumours surrounding the Great Hall in the historic Queen's House.
  • Lawrence Weiner: Inherent in the Rhumb Line
    A new solo exhibition by the artist Lawrence Weiner explores concepts central to maritime navigation and questions metaphorical understandings of the...
  • Dan Holdsworth: At the Edge of Space, Parts 1–3
    This exhibition of large-scale photographs focused on communicating the invisible realms of time and space. The exhibition has now closed.
  • Jini Rawlings: Mariners and Migrants: in Search of Home
    This display explored the lives of 19th-century child migrants and young sailors who sailed between Great Britain and Canada, telling the stories of...
  • Beth Derbyshire: Message
    Starting from the Royal Observatory, a semaphore signal was passed along the Thames to Horse Guards Parade on Remembrance Sunday on the 60th...
  • Conrad Shawcross: Continuum
    Shawcross, best known for his wooden, mechanical sculptures, made three new works in response to the architecture and history of the Queen's House.
  • Usman Haque: Sky Ear
    On 15 September 2004, between 19.00 and 21.30, a large glowing cloud of 1000 helium-filled balloons and mobile phones floating above Greenwich Park.
  • Tim Brennan: The Republic of Atlantis
    'The Republic of Atlantis' is influenced by the writings of the philosopher Plato who described the lost city of Atlantis as a harmonious and...