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Download your copy of Broadsheet 2007, the Royal Navy’s annual publication, reporting on global contributions to joint operations, significant deployments, capability and support updates and highlights of a number of anniversaries celebrated in the last year.

HMS Westminster  Welcome to Broadsheet 2007, which is primarily targeted this year at the retired community and interested members of the general public, whilst also providing a record for those still serving and contributing to our great service

This edition includes accounts of the Royal Navy’s global contributions to joint operations significant deployments, capability and support updates and highlights a number of anniversaries celebrated in the year.



Foreword Admiral Sir Jonathon Band GCB ADC

Introduction by

Admiral Sir Jonathon Band KCB ADC

First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval Staff

I am very pleased to be writing the introduction for Broadsheet 2007. Following some constructive criticism of previous issues, this year’s publication concentrates on factual articles, written in plain English, to provide a more straightforward and tighter focus on our business. The opening article on operations demonstrates in spades that the naval service is working exceptionally hard across the globe, delivering significant capability. We are still engaged in live operations in two theatres, maritime security operations, intelligence support to operations, capacity building around the world and provision of the continuous at sea deterrent. We are working to improve interoperability with coalition and NATO forces, as well as conducting fishery protection, counter drug operations, and surveying in 3 of the 5 oceans.

To download complete foreword please use link to PDF below

PDF file Foreword for Broadsheet