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The 8 Defence Missions of the Royal Navy

  1. Contribute to the security of the UK and its citizens world-wide in peacetime, including providing military aid to civil authorities.

  2. Contribute to the internal and external security of the UK's Overseas Territories, e.g. Bermuda, Gibraltar and the Falklands.

  3. Participate in the Defence Diplomacy initiative through the building of international trust.

  4. Support British interests, influence and standing abroad extending to the support of defence exports.

  5. Participate in Peace Support and Humanitarian Operations.

  6. Provide forces required to counter a strategic attack on NATO.

  7. Maintain capability to mount a response to a regional conflict outside NATO which could adversely affect European Security or UK interests.

  8. Provide forces needed to respond to a regional conflict inside NATO where an Ally calls for assistance under Article 5 of the Washington Treaty.