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This multimedia centre aims to provide visitors with an insight into the range of activities on which the RN is involved. The images, video and interactive features demonstrate the range of environments the RN operates, extending from training through to frontline working conditions including images from recent conflicts.

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  1. Photo
    1 - Two Sister Ships - Chatham and Campbeltown on Handover Day - 28 may 08
  2. Photo
    10 - Chatham on Patrol around Oil Terminal - 22 Jun 08
  3. Photo
    A Royal Navy Sea King helicopter from 847 Naval Air Squadron lifts off having delivered ammunition to the 105 light guns of 29 Commando, Royal Artillery.
  4. Photo
    2 - One goes home - One goes to work - 29 Apr 08
  5. Photo
    Gunnery exercise 20mm cannon HMS Exeter.
  6. Photo
    Live firing of a 20mm gun
  7. Photo
    Weapons crews carry out 20mm weapons firings
  8. Photo
     25 Mile Champs - wo wayen okell
  9. Photo
    Soldiers from 3 Cdo bde BPT on patrol during excersise joint winter Norway 2004.
  10. Photo
    3 Cdo Brigade Media Ops Aurrora 04. Marines from 3 Cdo Brigade CSG cam up ready for action on the tactical phase of the exercise. The enemy was played by the USMC, who tested the Royal Marines on all aspects of warfare and soldiering.
  11. Photo
    3 Cdo Brigade Media Ops Aurrora 04. Royal marines from 42 Cdo engage the enemy, in support of the Brigade HQ at LZ Dodo during the final tactical phase of  excersise Aurrora.
  12. Photo
    4 - Casevac lift from Chatham's Flight deck by USN Black Hawk - 7 May 08
  13. Photo
    Bang - HMS St Albans firing the gun at dusk at Cape Wrath during JMC Feb 05.
  14. Photo
    Royal Marine gives young Iraqi boy a bottle of water
  15. Photo
    Disembarking the last of 40 Commando from HMS Ocean in the Arabian Gulf.