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NHSnet: the Closure Countdown

March 2007 is when NHSnet will close down, don't wait to get connected to N3.

We are well on schedule to have the entire NHS in England benefiting from the enhanced and secure bandwidth of the national network, which means that NHSnet will soon be taken fully out of service and closed down.

We have already made you aware that central funding for NHSnet connections will cease at the end of September 2006 and we expect the absolute majority of organisations to be receiving N3 services at this time, ahead of the contractual end of NHSnet in March 2007. If your organisation is yet to order or migrate to an N3 connection, now is the time to take action to ensure your business continuity.

If you are still on a centrally-funded NHSnet connection

The majority of sites previously receiving funding for their NHSnet connections have now placed orders to migrate on to N3 services. A relative handful of sites will remain on NHSnet beyond September 2006 whilst awaiting delivery of N3; those sites may continue to receive central funding during this time. To support you through the process we are able to make products and services available to allow for migration on an ‘as is’ basis if your future requirements are not yet clear.

If you are still on a locally-funded NHSnet connection

Please be aware that for organisations that remain on locally-funded connections beyond September 2006, we will not be able to give you any central service management support.

NHS organisations still on an NHSnet connection

Please take the following steps to ensure you are getting the network solution that offers the best value and access to the latest technologies, for you:

Other organisations external to the NHS

Examples of this are third party applications suppliers, using self-funded NHSnet connections. If this is you please discuss what networking options will be available to you, beyond September 2006, with your existing services supplier.

Please remember the N3 Service Provider and NHS Connecting for Health are working together to support remaining organisations through the order and migration process. For further information on how to order or migrate please contact the N3 Helpdesk on 0800 085 0503, option 3, or mail

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