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High-risk medication

The High Risk Medications guide is included here for information on the content and aims of the intervention. The specific measurements to be used will be agreed over the next few weeks and those wishing to implement this intervention should check back onto the site on 6 October 2008 for a revised version of the guide

The goal

To prevent harm from high-risk medications.

This intervention relates to four high-risk medicines – Trusts will be able to choose one to start with:

  • Anticoagulants
  • Opiates
  • Injectable sedatives
  • Insulin

General principles for reducing harm from high-risk medicines

Hospitals and other care settings should employ the following principles
of a safe system:

  1. Design processes to prevent errors and harm.
  2. Design methods to identify errors and harm when they occur.
  3. Design methods to mitigate the harm that may result from the error.


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