Making the safety of patients everyone's highest priority

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Time to Identify Your Key Contact

Registration to the Campaign is a straightforward process;

Select a ‘key contact’ to coordinate the Campaign in your organisation. Identifying a key contact will allow the Patient Safety First Campaign to communicate more effectively and efficiently with your organisation.

  • The key contact will be the first point of contact for all Campaign communications. The key contact could be your existing patient safety manager, but does not have to be.

Select a team at your trust to lead the Campaign work

  • A small, dedicated team in each Trust will maximise the effectiveness of the Campaign, and will ensure that efforts are co-ordinated.
  • It is best if this team consists of those who are already enthusiastic about the need to make safety ‘the top priority’ and therefore the composition of the team will vary.

Determine which of the Campaign’s clinical interventions you will work on

  • Campaign participants will be asked to select at least one clinical intervention, in addition to the Boards on Board intervention, to begin working on.

Promote the Campaign throughout your organisation

  • In order to make “patient safety your first priority” please let all staff members know about your organisation’s involvement in the Campaign.

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