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Campaign support

One of the primary goals of the Patient Safety First Campaign is to offer participants as many useful resources as we can.

We are developing valuable resources to support your campaign implementation:

  • An introductory presentation to the Campaign to use in your organisation
  • Campaign office support by email for any queries you have
  • Access to members of the Campaign team for a more detailed discussion about your involvement
  • Intervention ‘how-to’ guides containing the evidence base and suggestions for how to make improvement
  • Guidance on measurement and Global Trigger Tool training
  • National supporting resources including a range of learning events which will be available free of charge to any registered organisation; these include WebEx and teleconference sessions on the Campaign, implementing the Campaign interventions, and improvement methods.

You will be able to access further support, including:

  • Regional face-to-face meetings to support you in implementing the Campaign interventions
  • Trust ‘Open Days’, which will focus on practical insight into organisations that have been successful in safety initiatives
  • Some limited tailored implementation support for individual trusts and groups of trusts
  • A range of resources and putting you in direct contact with the wider Campaign community.

Please take advantage of these documents and tools. All Campaign materials are available for you to download for free from our resources area.

For further information on these resources, please contact us.

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