Making the safety of patients everyone's highest priority


Patient Safety First seeks to make the safety of patients everyone’s highest priority. We’re aiming for a healthcare service where there is no avoidable death and no avoidable harm. The campaign will begin by supporting staff to apply the following evidence-based interventions, where appropriate, for every patient, every time.

Leadership intervention

Clinical interventions

Reducing harm from deterioration

Reducing harm in critical care (central line and ventilator care bundles)

Reducing harm in perioperative care (this includes prevention of surgical site infection and World Health Organisation's Safe Surgery Checklist)

Reducing harm from high-risk medicines (this includes anticoagulants, injectable sedatives, opiates and insulin)



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The 'Quick Guide to Implementing Improvement' PDF is aimed at all staff involved in implementing the Patient Safety First clinical interventions. It also provides some useful background information for managers and clinical staff overseeing the areas where changes will be taking place.

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