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Who are we?

Children First for Health (CFfH) is a child-centred health and hospital resource, supporting teenagers, children and their families. It provides comprehensive and age-appropriate health information from the UK’s leading medical experts and paediatricians. This includes; health news, features, fact sheets, advice on health matters and hospital life plus young people’s own views and stories.

The website works across the NHS to support the Government’s public health agenda in the dissemination of engaging health information to children and young people. The service is provided to NHS Trusts, health professionals and schools without charge.

CFfH aims to provide:

  • Quality, regularly reviewed health information

  • Engaging information about children’s hospitals and what to expect

  • A safe forum for young people to share their own experiences

  • The latest news, features and public health campaigns

  • Replies to wide-ranging health problems from leading UK medical experts

  • TV video diaries of young people’s experiences of being in hospital

How it began

The project grew out of a Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and Institute of Child Health (ICH) pilot project in 2001, which found that many children felt isolated by the lack of age-appropriate and relevant health information when coming into hospital. Based at GOSH, CFfH today receives thousands of hits each month from around the world.  What we do is unique because it is driven by children and parents.

Making it work

CFfH is a work in progress - continually changing and developing to meet ever-changing health needs of children and young people. Importantly, children make the real decisions on the website; they decide how it should look, what it should sound like and what it contains. They also contribute real experiences; making the content not just relevant but engaging.

Safety first

The Internet offers a wonderful opportunity to engage with children and young adults in a positive way. Safety is our primary concern in everything we do. For this reason, nothing is ever posted to the website without first being reviewed by health experts.

Stephen Carrick-Davies, Chief Executive of Childnet International says, "Children First for Health not only recognises the need to inform and educate, but also to involve children and young people in every aspect of its own evolution - making that vital leap from supporting to engaging, fostering peer support and a safe sense of community."


CFfH is a partnership between GOSH and the ICH, with generous support from the Friends of the Children of Great Ormond Street.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: All content within Children First for Health is provided for general information only to help answer the most common questions. It does not replace the need to consult with a health professional or GP. Children First for Health is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made by a user based on the content of this site. Personal details will not be stored for any purpose other than
administering responses and feedback.
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