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Statistical Process Control

The Clinical Indicators Support Team have produced a SPC chart package and tutorial

Collecting data from healthcare processes is what we routinely do in the NHS. The analysis of these data, which are usually continuous or discrete, can provide great insight into the behaviour of these processes.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques, when applied to measurement data, can be used as a basis for quality improvement in healthcare processes in much the same way as they have been effectively applied to manufacturing processes to bring about improvement. Two of the simplest SPC techniques to implement are the run chart and the control chart. The purpose of these techniques is to identify when the process is displaying strange or unusual behaviour. Formally, the purpose of the run chart and the control chart is to distinguish between two sorts of variation that a process can exhibit, namely common cause variation and special cause variation.

Statistical Process Control Excel Package and Tutorial Guide

SPC Chart Package SPC Chart Package

Tutorial Guide Tutorial Guide.

Please follow the instructions below to download the SPC Tool

The SPC Chart Tool will only work in Excel versions 98 or later.

To download the SPC Chart Tool RIGHT click on the link below and Save Target As.
Save to directory of your choice.
Open the Chart Tool in Excel, ENABLE MACROS on opening

Please note

The security level in your version of Excel must be set to medium for the drop-down menus to work.
To set your security level to medium, open Excel, go into the Tools menu, Select the Macro submenu, select Security Level
and choose medium. Then close down Excel and open the chart tool, enable Macros on opening

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