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Welcome to the Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) website

PSD is also the Competent Authority in the UK for detergents: Detergents home page


PSD 2008 Customer and Stakeholder Survey

PSD has commissioned an independent research company, QA Research, to conduct the 2008 Customer and Stakeholder Survey on behalf of PSD. We would be very grateful if you could complete our survey at before 30 November 2008. 

Latest Regulatory and Information Updates

Other PSD news

  • Published Resources for Amateur Pesticide Users
    30 September 2008: Postcards, postcard display holders and laminated posters, giving information about how to use, store and dispose of garden pesticides safely, are available free of charge from PSD.
  • Amenity Weed Control Conference 2008: 2 October 2008
    25 September 2008: This page gives information about The  Amenity Weed Control conference which is to be held at the Health and Safety Executive offices in Rose Court, London SE1, UK on Thursday 2nd October 2008.
  • IRAG guidelines
    26 August 2008: Two IRAG guidelines have been issued
  • Human Health Enquiry/Incident Survey for Pesticides (HHEIS) 2007
    12 August 2008: This is an amendment to Regulatory Update 11/2008 which was issued on 8 May 2008 and requires Approval Holders of all products approved in the UK during 2007 to provide PSD with details of human health related reports involving their products, received from any source, during that year.
  • 2008 WIIS Quarterly Reports
    15 July 2008:  The Pesticides Poisoning of Animals report Quarter 1 - covering January to March is available now.
  • EU Thematic Strategy for Pesticides: News
    09 July 2008: PSD has carried out an impact assessment on crop protection in the UK of the ‘cut-off’ criteria and substitution provisions in the proposed Regulation to replace EC 91/414.  The latest compromise text of the Slovenian Presidency is now available .

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