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Prequalification Document

1 introduction


Purpose of this document

1.1 This document:

  • describes the M25 Design, Build, Finance and Operate (DBFO) Project (the Project) as currently envisaged;
  • provides background information and describes the process (prequalification) for selection of candidates to provide outline proposals and / or tenders and to enter into negotiations in respect of the Project; and
  • contains the prequalification questionnaire (PQQ) to be completed and returned by parties wishing to be selected to negotiate the M25 DBFO contract (the DBFO Contract).

1.2 The Highways Agency (the Agency) is an executive agency of the Department for Transport.The Agency has published a Contract Notice in the Official Journal of the European Unioninviting requests from interested parties (Candidates) to prequalify with a view to later beinginvited to negotiate a DBFO Contract in respect of the Project. This document should be readin conjunction with the Public Works Contract (Negotiated Procedure) Notice published in theOfficial Journal, reference 2005/S 214-211161.

1.3 The DBFO Contract will be awarded under the negotiated procedure applicable to PublicWorks Contracts under the Public Works Contract Regulations 1991 (SI 1991/2680) (theRegulations) that implement the Public Works Contracts Directive (93/37/EC).1.4 Details of the selection procedure are set out in Section 4.

Background to the Project

1.5 The Agency is responsible for operating, maintaining and improving the strategic road networkin England on behalf of the Secretary of State for Transport. The Agency's prime objective isto deliver a high quality service to all its customers by:

  • reducing congestion and improving reliability;
  • improving road safety;
  • respecting the environment;
  • seeking and responding to feedback from its customers.

1.6 The M25, one of the busiest motorways in Europe, is the key strategic orbital route aroundLondon. It forms the hub of the motorway network and up to 200,000 vehicles per day use themost heavily trafficked sections. It is significantly congested at peak times and during roadmaintenance and incidents. This causes delays and increases the risk of accidents.

1.7 The ORBIT Multi Modal Study carried out in 2001 was set up to examine the existing andfuture problems for orbital travel around London and to produce a long-term sustainablemanagement strategy for the M25 which meets the Government's objectives for transport andsolves, or at least ameliorates, the problems on the M25, both now and in the future.

1.8 The overall strategy announced by the Secretary of State in response to the ORBIT studyinvolves a phased programme of widening limited sections of the M25 combined withmeasures to make best use of the existing motorway and the promotion of measures toreduce travel demand and encourage more sustainable travel choices.

1.9 Following an assessment of alternative procurement options, the Agency concluded thatdelivery of the widening works as part of a DBFO contract would provide best value. A numberof alternative DBFO options were considered by the Agency and these were the subject of aAgency to the conclusion that the requirement for a high quality service on this strategicallyvital section of the trunk road network should be delivered through a single large DBFOcontract.

1.10 The consultation suggested that interest in providing the services required under the contractis likely to come either from suitably qualified management contractors with relevantexperience in procuring and managing large infrastructure projects or from constructionorganisations with a track record in the delivery and operation of such projects. The Agencyhas no preconceived views on which of these alternative approaches is best suited to providethe required service.

The Project

1.11 Under the terms of the DBFO Contract, the service provider (DBFO Co) will undertake anidentified programme of major motorway widening and other capital works and will assumeresponsibility for routine, winter and major maintenance covering the whole of the Agency'sArea 5 and the existing Dartford Crossings (together, the Project Road). In addition, theDBFO Co will work with the Agency in managing the day-to-day operations on the ProjectRoad. The geographic extent of the Project is shown in Figure 1.

fig 1 - map

Figure 1 - The Project Road

This document

1.12 Section 2 of this document contains an overview of the Project. Section 3 explains theapproach to some of the main legal, contractual and commercial matters related to the Project.Section 4 describes the selection process through to contract award and outlines the indicativedates in the Project programme. Section 5 explains the prequalification evaluation processand the criteria against which each of the Candidates will be assessed. Section 6 givesnecessary information concerning the submission arrangements and the contact details for theAgency.

1.13 There are five Annexes to this document:

  • Annex A outlines traffic operations arrangements (including functions of the Agency's Traffic Officers).
  • Annex B contains a summary of the draft DBFO Contract.
  • Annex C contains a description of the payment mechanism.
  • Annex D contains a copy of the prequalification questionnaire.
  • Annex E contains a glossary of terms used in this document.

1.14 The information in this document is preliminary only and will be superseded by the Invitation toSubmit Outline Proposals (ISOP) and final tender invitation documents (Tender Documents).The information provided, together with that in the Annexes, is offered in good faith for theguidance of the Candidates, but no warranty or representation is given as to the accuracy orcompleteness of any of it and the Department for Transport, the Agency and their advisersshall not be under any liability for any error, mis-statement or omission. None of theinformation shall constitute a contract or part of a contract. The Agency reserves the right notto follow up this invitation in any way. In the event that the Agency decides not to proceed toinvite tenders, Candidates will not be reimbursed any costs.

Agency's advisers

1.15 The Agency retains the following advisers for the Project:

FinancialPricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
LegalDenton Wilde Sapte
InsuranceTony Ham Insurance Brokers Limited
  • Halcrow Group Limited
  • Hyder Consulting
  • Parsons Brinkerhoff
  • Kellogg Brown & Root