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  • 8 August 2007: summary of responses to.consultation: review of the Transfrontier Shipment of Waste Regulations and the UK Management Plan for Exports and Imports of Waste



Shipments of waste to, from and through the UK are subject to a range of legal controls. The relevant controls depend upon the nature of the waste being moved, whether the waste is moving for recovery or disposal and where in the world the waste is moving from, to and through. Certain shipments of waste from and to the UK are absolutely prohibited, for example exports of any type of waste for disposal. Others waste movements may only take place legally if strict written pre-notification procedures are followed – many types of waste arising from industrial processes and going for recovery fall within this category where the waste concerned is considered hazardous. Some wastes considered non-hazardous within the UK can also be subject to these types of control.

Advice on the controls that apply should be sought from the appropriate UK competent authority:

England & wales


Environment Agency
TFS National Service
Richard Fairclough House
Knutsford Road
Cheshire, WA4 1HG

Tel: 01925 542265



Scottish Environmental Protection
East Region
Clearwater House
Heriot Watt Research Park
Avenue North
Edinburgh, EH14 4AP

Tel: 0131 449 7296

Northern Ireland


Environment and Heritage Services
Department of Environment
Commonwealth House
35 Castle Street
Belfast, BT1 1HU

Tel: 028 90 546466

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