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Specialist Crime Directorate

Specialist Crime Directorate (SCD)

Strategic Development

Who we are

Strategic Development provide a valuable service to their colleagues in the operational departments of the Specialist Crime Directorate and the Metropolitan Police Service. The department is divided into the following three areas;

  • Crime Policy
  • Crime Reduction and
  • Drugs Directorate

What we do

Crime Policy

The Unit's core purpose is to provide clear accountability and corporate standards in commissioning, formulating, approving, publishing, implementing and reviewing corporate policy in relation to specialist crime. Additionally, it supports London’s communities by developing operational guidelines for officers that meet the demands of these policies. Specifically, the SCD Policy Unit:

  • provides SCD with a consistent corporate policy making process;
  • ensures the quality of specialist crime policy;
  • maintains SCD’s policy database; and
  • provides advice and support to SCD’s policy developers and operational officers.

Crime Reduction

The Crime Reduction team is responsible for reducing serious and specialist crime through the promotion of problem solving, prevention, partnership and community involvement. The team develops specialist crime reduction strategies, policies and guidelines that focus on prevention through partnership.

Drugs Directorate

The Drugs Directorate develops and reviews MPS drug-related policy. The Unit has strong links with other organisations and uses its contacts to capture current thinking and attitudes towards drugs.

The Unit also co-ordinates work carried out by MPS Controlled Drug Inspectors (previously known as Chemist Sergeants). Controlled Drug Inspectors primarily check pharmacy drug registers, supervise controlled drug destruction, and deal with bogus Doctors and associated issues like forged prescriptions.

The Drugs Directorate works to the MPS Drugs Strategy 2003 -2006. The Strategy has two strands:

  • reducing supply of class 'A' drugs through Intelligence and Enforcement
  • reducing demand for class 'A' drugs through Prevention.