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Roads Policing

Cheshire Police's road policing pages - giving you information on initiatives, safety tips and enforcement.

Policing the Roads

The Cheshire road system is made up of 3,417 miles of highway, including fast A-roads and increasingly congested towns.

Daily commuter journeys account for a large proportion of the traffic, but local journeys to schools or shopping centres also produce congestion at certain times of the day.

Cheshire Constabulary is responsible for policing one of the longest stretches of motorway in Britain. With 214 carriageway miles, the M6, M62, M53 and M56 motorways contain 23 interchanges (including three multiple interchanges) and 4 service areas. The M6 motorway in the area of the Thelwall Viaduct carries some 140,000 vehicles per 24 hours, which is second only to the traffic flow at the infamous M6/M5 junction in the West Midlands. Delays and incidents on the motorway can have a severe impact on the economic life of the entire North West Region.

Enforcing the Law

Find out how we enforce the law on Cheshire's roads, with detailed information on and why we take it seriously.

Making the Roads Safer

Find out more about road safety and a few hints and tips about driving on our motorways.

Join our Drive Survive scheme for young drivers, and read answers to your road safety questions.

Traffic Cops

During 2005/06, Cheshire Constabulary was featured in the BBC TV series Traffic Cops.

Cheshire Safer Roads Partnership

Cheshire Constabulary is a valuable key stakeholder of Cheshire Safer Roads Partnership (CSRP). CSRP is made up of several local agencies who believe that the vast majority of road crashes are preventable. They share the vision that one road death is one too many, that preventable death and injury is unacceptable.

Committed to creating a safer roads environment, Cheshire Constabulary supports CSRP by bringing a wealth of expertise and resources that will assist in saving lives on the roads of Cheshire, Halton and Warrington.

Further information about CSRP can be found on their website - www.mysaferroads.org.uk

Useful links

Links to the web pages of our partner agencies (Cheshire Constabulary is not responsible for the content of external websites)

Cheshire County Council - Road Safety
Department of Transport - THINK! Road Safety
RoSPA - The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents - Road Safety
RoSPA - Helping Young People Learn to Drive & Ride Safely
Brake - The Road Safety Charity
Road Peace - UK National Charity for Road Crash Victims
The Driving Standards Agency - Learning to drive

You can also search our partner agencies' websites for Road Safety issues by using our search function (on top right of every Cheshire Constabulary web page) and then choosing "search wider - all of Cheshire".
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