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Between You and Me

This project was instigated by PC Alison Adams - Youth Involvement Officer, following a meeting with East Midlands Crimestoppers at Derby. Her aim was to produce a package that would appeal to young people, adults, parents and carers.
PC Adams' desire was to challenge people's reluctance to provide information on wrongdoing, with a storyline that would enable a facilitator to explore the emotional responses of loyalty, keeping secrets and its consequences.

  The teenagers receiving their exam results

This DVD thus aims to promote and develop a young person's ability to empathise, in order to challenge anti-social behaviour and crime.
This 35 minute film highlights for young people the consequences of the choices that they may take during their teenage years and the lifestyle they choose. There are 2 threads running through the film giving rise to 2 endings.
In the first part, irresponsible choices lead to criminal behaviour and very serious consequences. In the second part, an alternative and positive response to teenage pressures leads to a successful outcome for the young people and their families. This film raises young people's awareness of Crimestoppers and to encourage them to use this service rather than be a bystander in crime or be on the periphery of potential danger.

Download the fact sheet that accompanies this DVD to find out more about the educational benefits of this DVD.

[File] Between You & Me Fact Sheet (2.6 MB)

The cost for the DVD has been kept to a minimum so schools/partners etc budgets can afford to make a purchase. It is 25 +VAT and anyone wishing to buy one can contact Alison Adams either via e mail or on 01332 613132.
All proceeds from this DVD are going into a fund, held by Derbyshire Constabulary, called the Crime Freer Fund.


'I welcome this DVD, which supports positive activities for children and young people and is widely used in the delivery of citizenship as apart of Derbyshire's Safer Schools Initiatives. It is an accepted example of excellence as an educational tool, of partnership working and supports the recently released Youth Crime Action Plan 2008'
ACC Peter Goodman, Derbyshire Constabulary.

I attended the launch of 'Between You and Me' knowing little of it or what to expect. By the end of the viewing and the discussion that followed, I was convinced of its worth. The film presents some powerful messages addressing very real issues. It will challenge your emotions, but more important, it will provide a challenge to young people in the critical choices that they have to make. Using the helpful guidance notes, this DVD can be of tremendous value in any school or youth group.
The DVD was developed from the experience of real life situations in the Derbyshire Police Force and young people they worked with. It was developed with colleagues from the city's Children and Young People's Service with the aim of showing the impact of the choices that young people make. It is hard-hitting but real. It will repay investment in it many times over.
Andrew Flack - Corporate Director for Children and Young People

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