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History of the Metropolitan Police

Historical Timeline

Drawing of a Jack the Ripper murder discoveryA comprehensive history of the Metropolitan Police from 1829 to the present. In these pages you will find descriptions of famous and lesser known events throughout the history of The Met as well as biographies of key figures and details of famous cases ...more

Book of Remembrance

As a tribute to the many members of the Metropolitan Police Service who have given their lives in the course of policing London, a new Roll of Honour has been compiled and is contained in a Book or Remembrance ...more

Dr Crippen wanted posterHistory of policing

A short description of the evolution of policing from distant origins in Saxon times, the founding of the Metropolitan Police in the 19th century...more

The Metropolitan Police 175 years ago

Read about the first days in the life of the Metropolitan Police Service, the salaries of the first officers, how the idea of the beat system was devised, the problems of discipline, and how the public regarded the new Metropolitan Police Service ... more

Sir Richard MayneThe Official History of the Metropolitan Police

This definitive encyclopedia covers 170 years of Scotland Yard's policing history, illustrated with over 100 images from the Metropolitan Police archives... more