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Welcome to Preparing for Click for information on when you should Go in, stay in, tune inEmergencies

This website has information on how you can help yourself and others in emergencies. A lot of it is based on common sense advice and may seem obvious or familiar to you, but it has saved lives in the past. The text has been arranged so you can access advice tailored to your needs.

Link to What you can do

What you can do

This section explains what individuals, families and communities can do to reduce the risk of emergencies and cope with the effects if they do occur.

Link to What businesses can do

What Businesses can do

This part of the site provides a single gateway for advice to UK business from government about emergency preparedness and response. It provides information to help businesses of all sizes to prepare for emergencies, and when they do happen, to ensure that disruption is minimised and recovery is effective. This includes advice on business continuity planning, information about the various ways in which the Government engages with business to prepare for emergencies, and sources of regional and local support for your business.

Link to What voluntary and community groups can do

What voluntary and community groups can do

This section sets out advice for voluntary and community groups in preparing for emergencies. It provides advice on business continuity planning, details the ways in which Government engages with the voluntary sector in this area, and provides links to some of the main voluntary sector organisations involved in emergency preparedness and response.

Link to What Government is doing

What the Government is doing

This section explains the frameworks which the Government has put in place to prepare for and respond to emergencies, and the action which it is taking at national, regional and local levels.

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Advice on specific emergencies

These pages provide information about specific types of emergency. They provide links to sources of advice and practical information to help keep you safe in the event of possible emergency situations.

Link to More information

More information

This part of the site provides sources of further information on preparing for emergencies. This includes a glossary, frequently asked questions, contact details and links to other sites including radio, TV and news sources.