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We are the UK Government's advisory body on new developments in human genetics and how they impact on individual lives.  We give the Government advice on human genetics with a particular focus on the social, ethical and legal issues.  One of our key roles is to promote debate and to listen to what the public and our stakeholders have to say.  We are committed to openness and transparency.

The Commission is made up of twenty-two members including experts in genetics, ethics, law and consumer affairs.  The acting Chair is Sir John Sulston.  We also have a Consultative Panel of people who have direct experience of living with genetic disorders and who act as a sounding board for our reports and recommendations.



"I would not mind my DNA on a database as it would help to keep an eye on the population"
Read more comments from the public on three topical issues surrounding DNA testing
Live HGC Consultation
Forensic DNA Databases (closes 7 November)

Key dates

HGC Plenary Meeting
The 34th meeting of the Human Genetics Commission will take place in Cardiff on 10 December 2008.
Conference: Genomics and Society Reinventing Life?
A showcase of research evidence from across the ESRC genomics network. The conference will be held at Savoy Place, London (continues until 28 Oct 08)