State of social care in England 2005-06

10 January 2007

Individuals and families are increasingly having to find and pay for their own care, says our annual report on the state of social care in England.

The report found that despite councils spending more money on services, they have made the rules harder for people to qualify for state-funded social care.

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Our chair Dame Denise Platt said: “Social care services in England are gradually getting better, but only for those people who manage to qualify for help.

“In some cases, people rely on friends and family members. In others, they pay for their own care. Some people have no option but to do without.”

This is our second annual report to Parliament on the state of social care. It gives a comprehensive overview of the social care sector in England.

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Presented to Parliament under section 129 (1)(b) of the Health and Social Care (Community Health and Standards) Act 2003

Created: 08/01/2007 Last updated: 25/01/2007