Time to care?

18 October 2006

Councils should change how they organise home care services so they respond more sensitively to people's needs, says our report published today.

Read the Time to care? report:

Many people who use services in their own homes told us they find that their care workers are too rushed.

The '15 minute slot’ model of service - where a care worker is allotted only a few minutes to get a person up, washed and dressed before they are out of the door and on to the next person - can be undignified and unsafe.

The report reveals the current performance of home care in England and gives recommendations on what can be done to improve it.

A mixed picture

Commenting on the findings from the first ever inspections of home care services in England, Dame Denise Platt, our chair, said:

“This report paints a mixed picture of the quality of home care.

“Failure to listen to what people really need, and respond to this, results in missed opportunities to promote independence and to help people live full and rewarding lives.

“As the numbers of older people grow, councils must reshape services to support people living at home with more personalised care. Doing more of the same will not be enough.”

Paul Snell, our chief inspector, said: “Social care can transform lives, but we do need to find new ways of organising services so that people have a better range of choices.”

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Created: 16/10/2006 Last updated: 27/10/2006