The Royal Yeomanry 

The Guidon party from the RY salute HRH Prince Charles on their march pastThe Royal Yeomanry is Britain’s most senior volunteer cavalry regiment – one with a modern, relevant and exciting role.

The Royal Yeomanry is part of the Territorial Army. We augment the Royal Armoured Corps, the branch of the British Army which deals with tanks and armoured reconnaissance. We specialise in CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) defence but are equally capable in armoured tactics and “dismounted” infantry operations.

Our role places us at the very forefront of modern warfare and technology, countering a clear and present threat to the United Kingdom. Our soldiers have full time jobs but train in their spare time with some of the most modern equipment available to Britain’s armed forces.

The Royal Yeomanry maintains a presence throughout England, with squadrons in LondonCroydon, Leicester, Nottingham,  and Swindon. Each squadron consists of about 90 Territorial Army soldiers and officers, plus a small number of regular Army permanent staff. Our Regimental Headquarters (which may be of particular interest to ex-Regulars) and our Regimental Band are also based in London.

Dismounted urban warfare trainingClick on the links on the left hand side of this page to find out more about each of our squadrons.

With a 200-year history of defending Britain, including service in both world wars and in Iraq from 2003 to date, the Royal Yeomanry’s role and numbers are expanding. We are recruiting now. For information on joining, please click here.

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