Divisions & Brigades

Commander Field Army and Commander Regional Forces control groupings of units based around Divisions and their Brigades.

1 (UK) Armoured Division

1st (UK) Armoured Division

Deployable division based in Germany

2 Division

2 Division

Administrative division for north of England & Scotland

3rd (UK) Division

3 Division

Deployable division based throughout the south of England

4th Division

4 Division

Administrative division for the south of England

5th Division

5th Division badge

Wales, the Midlands and the South West

6th Division

6 Division logo

Deployable Headquarters based in York

HQ Northern Ireland & 38 (Irish) Brigade

HQ Northern Ireland & 38 (Irish) Brigade

Transitional headquarters based in Lisburn

HQ Theatre Troops

Headquarters Theatre Troops

Commands 'essential capabilities' troops

HQ London District

HQ London District

Based at Horse Guards in London

UK Support Command Germany

UK Support Command Germany

Support to 1 (UK) Armoured Division