"Our vision for Tate is to create a permeable institution, removing barriers to Tate's buildings, programmes and professional networks – and offering employment opportunities that are open to all. The access needs of everyone are included in Tate's thinking, not as an afterthought or even an obligation, but as an intrinsic part of our plans and ambitions for Tate."
– Nicholas Serota, Director, Disability Equality Scheme, 2006

The policy of access for all extends to all four of Tate's facilities: Tate Britain, Tate Modern, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives, as well as the substantial online programme and archive. The provisions at each major location do vary, and some provisions are therefore site specific, or limited in certain cases.

Access and Facilities

Visiting Tate

All Tate galleries have wheelchair and level entrances, lifts, adapted toilets and seating.

See visiting information on access at:

Visiting Information in BSL

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Programme for Disabled Visitors

Tate provides a programme of events and tours for the following groups:

See details of these programmes at:

Online Resources


iMap is an online art resource designed for visually impaired people with a general interest in art, art teachers and their visually impaired pupils. It incorporates text, audio, image enhancement and deconstruction, animation and raised images.

iMap won the 2006 Jodi award for excellence in museum, library and archive web accessibility.

Raised Awareness

Raised Awareness was an exhibition at Tate Modern of artists' drawings with hands-on interpretation for blind and partially sighted visitors. The exhibition's website features downloadable raised images and audio.

Events Listings

Large Print Guide

Tate's bi-monthly what's on guide provides information about visiting all four Tate galleries and lists the events organised. The large-print guide is divided into two sections for download in Word format:

Online Calendar

Tate's online calendar provides the ability to search for events based on the following access provisions:

Web and iCalendar Feeds

Tate publishes web feeds (RSS) and iCalendar feeds which list upcoming events by accessibility provisions:

Web Feeds

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iCalendar Feeds

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Disability Equality Scheme

In December 2006, Tate published a Disability Equality Scheme which sets out the framework for Tate's action plan on disability.

The document is available to download: