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The BT Series 2005/6

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The BT Series is a unique initiative for Tate Online which lets you explore works by selected artists and ask about their work.

The BT Series has been developed with BT's creative design and filmmaking team. As exclusive sponsor of Tate Online, BT provides Tate with technological support, online broadcasting and hosting, and develops innovative projects like this.

Use the links below to jump directly to each artist, or to see their works in the Tate Collection.

Tracey Emin, 2005
BT Series: Emin, Broadband
BT Series: Emin, Narrowband
Works in the Tate Collection
Antony Gormley, 2006
BT Series: Gormley, Broadband
BT Series: Gormley, Narrowband
Works in the Tate Collection
Rachel Whiteread, 2006
BT Series: Whiteread, Broadband
BT Series: Whiteread, Narrowband
Works in the Tate Collection

Transcripts are provided for all the video clips - they will appear when you click on any of the 'Listen' buttons or when you watch an interview.

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