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British Portrait Painters and Artists' Suppliers

Individual artists
This is a selective listing by artist, providing information under three headings, Supplier, Equipment and Literature. Under Supplier, the dates given are usually those of individual works by the artist rather than the supply dates of materials; they derive from the Directory of Artists' Suppliers and will rarely span the full range of dates that an artist was using a particular supplier. Testimonials from artists are excluded from this listing. Under Equipment, a note is sometimes given on surviving equipment associated with the artist. Under Literature, reference is made to studies on an artist's technique or work.

*Artists whose names appear in the Roberson Archive, as published in Woodcock 1997, are asterisked.

Lemuel Francis Abbott Supplier, James Poole 1785-92
Jessie Algie Supplier, J. Barnard & Son 1906
Sir William Allen Supplier, Rowney & Forster 1831
*Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema Equipment, paintbrush with copper plaque inscribed 'last brush used by Sir Alma Tadema' (Royal Academy, see draft hand list of Artist's Materials)
*Edward Armitage Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1875
James Atkinson Supplier, Robert Davy c.1822-30

*John Bacon Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1903
*John Ballantyne Supplier, Alexander Hill c.1855
Thomas Bardwell Literature, Talley 1975
Jerry Barrett Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1856
James Barry Supplier, Nathan Drake, 1777
*David Bates Supplier, G. Rowney & Co c.1873
Edward Bawden Suppliers, James Newman Ltd, John Bryce Smith Ltd
Wyke Bayliss Supplier, Reeves & Sons 1887
Charles and Mary Beale Suppliers, Matthew Snelling 1654-8, Phine or Phinner 1677, Williams 1677, Dod 1677-81, Owen Buckingham 1681, Smaley 1681. Literature, Talley 1981 pp.270-305, Bustin 1999
Sir George Beaumont Suppliers, James Poole 1798, Thomas Brown 1809
*Richard Beavis Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co by 1888
Richard Beauvoir Supplier: Charles Sandys 1760-3
Frank Bennett Supplier, G. Rowney & Co 1908
Thomas Bewick Literature, Thomas 1998
*Oswald Birley Supplier, C. Roberson & Co Ltd 1920-33
William Blake Supplier, Robert Davy 1825? Literature, Townsend 2003
David Bomberg Supplier, Charles Henry West 1940s
*Stephen Bone Supplier, L. Cornelissen & Son late 1930s
Richard Parkes Bonnington Supplier, Robert Davy 1825-6. Literature, Noon 1991
*Sir William Boxall Supplier, Thomas Brown 1845
*Frank Brangwyn Supplier, Reeves & Sons Ltd 1897
*John Brett Suppliers, G. Rowney & Co by 1859, Winsor & Newton 1859-97, James Newman 1884-92, Charles Roberson & Co mid-1880s, Madderton & Co 1892. Literature, Lowry 2001
Sir Oswald Brierly Supplier, Reeves & Sons Ltd 1882
H.P. Briggs Supplier, Thomas Brown 1830s
*Henry Bright Suppliers, Dimes & Elam 1847, Winsor & Newton 1847, Sherborn & Tillyer 1856-60 (Bright 1973), J.L. & J.T. Turnbull; Bright's 'superior coloured crayons for landscape painting' advertised by S. & J. Fuller, Art Union August 1844
*Gerard Brockhurst Suppliers, Crossland 1934-9
*Ford Madox Brown Suppliers, Lechertier Barbe by 1847, G. Rowney & Co 1847, John Reeves 1847-9, Charles Roberson & Co 1866
*John Arnesby Brown Supplier, C. Roberson & Co Ltd 1917
Charles Buchel Supplier, John Bryce Smith 1918, Charles Henry West 1918
*Edward Burne-Jones Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1857-98. Literature, Beyer 2004
*William Shakespeare Burton Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1890s

*Philip H. Calderon Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1875 and before
*Margaret Carpenter Suppliers, Winsor & Newton 1852, Thomas Brown 1856
Dora Carrington Supplier, Percy Young 1916
*Hugh Carter Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co c.1870
George Chinnery Supplier, James Newman
Frederick Edwin Church Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1855
*Sir Winston Churchill Supplier, Lechertier Barbe Ltd 1936
*George Clausen Supplier, L. Cornelissen & Son 1894
Alexander Clerk Supplier, Robert Keating 1755
*George Vicat Cole Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1877
*John Collier Suppliers, Charles Roberson & Co 1897, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1899-1906, Charles Henry West 1901
*Charles Allston Collins Supplier, Charles Roberson
*James Collinson Supplier, Charles Roberson
John Constable Suppliers, John Middleton 1802, John Allnutt 1825, Thomas Brown c.1811-36, S. & J. Fuller c.1832-5. Literature, Completing the Picture 1982 pp.34-8, Rhyne 1990, Cove 1991, Cove 1992, Cove 1998, Swicklik 1998, Bower 2001 pp.34-36. Equipment, marble slab and muller used by Constable to mix his colours (Royal Academy, see draft hand list of Artist's Materials), palette (Fairbairn 1982, p.65)
*Thomas Sydney Cooper Suppliers, Roberson & Miller 1834, Charles Roberson & Co 1852, Lechertier Barbe & Co 1884
*Sir Arthur Cope Supplier, James Newman 1904
*Charles West Cope Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1872
John Singleton Copley Literature, Shank 1984
*Edward Corbould Supplier, Thomas Miller c.1842-51?
Richard Cosway Supplier, James Newman
*Thomas Creswick Suppliers, Thomas Brown c.1836-8, Charles Roberson & Co c.1869, Joseph R. Taylor 1869
Jasper Cropsey Supplier, William Eatwell, 1850s

Henry Davis Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1881
*Henry Dawson Supplier, John Reeves 1855
*Philip de Laszlo Suppliers, C. Roberson & Co Ltd 1917, Reeves & Sons Ltd 1921
Evelyn de Morgan Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1893-1909
A.F. De Prades Supplier, Arthur Rayner 1883
Samuel De Wilde Supplier, James Newman 1810
Peter de Wint Supplier, Smith, Warner & Co 1820s
Andrew Deakin Supplier, George Priest 1855
André Derain Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1906
Arthur William Devis Supplier, James Poole c.1798
*Lowes Cato Dickinson Suppliers, William Eatwell 1869-70, William Badger 1883
*William Dobson Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1876
John Downman Literature, Bower 1996
Herbert Draper Supplier, Reeves & Sons Ltd c.1898-1913
Asher Brown Durand Supplier, Roberson & Miller 1835
*William Dyce Supplier, G. Rowney & Co late 1850s

*Sir Charles Lock Eastlake Supplier, Thomas Brown 1849
George Clayton Eaton Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co c.1870
*Eden Upton Eddis Supplier, John Wikey by 1839
Samuel Edmonston Supplier, John Taylor & Son
*Augustus Leopold Egg Supplier, Winsor & Newton ?1840s, William Eatwell
Fedor Encke Supplier, G. Rowney & Co 1884
*William Etty Suppliers, Thomas Brown, James Newman, Winsor & Newton. For the so-called 'Etty Board', see Katlan 1992 p. 265. Equipment, Oil painting box belonging to Etty (Royal Academy, see draft hand list of Artist's Materials)
Reginald Grenville Eves Suppliers, Reeves & Sons Ltd c.1933, Charles Henry West 1935

*Thomas Faed Suppliers, Winsor & Newton 1876 or before, Charles Roberson & Co 1878
Joseph Farington Suppliers, James Poole, Sebastiano Grandi 1796, Marshall 1812
*Joseph Farquharson Supplier, Robert R. Nelson, c.1871
*Sir Luke Fildes Suppliers, Charles Roberson & Co 1890, G. Rowney & Co 1896. Literature, Completing the Picture 1982 pp.65-8.
Alvan Fisher Supplier, Reeves & Sons 1848
*Samuel Melton Fisher Supplier, Reeves & Sons Ltd c.1896
*William Fisher Supplier, Roberson & Miller 1839
*W. Russell Flint Supplier, George Rowney & Co Ltd by 1935
Pierre Edouard Frere Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1867
*William Powell Frith Suppliers, Dimes & Elam c.1845, Charles Roberson & Co
*Charles Wellington Furse Supplier, James Newman c.1891

Thomas Gainsborough Suppliers, James Dodsley 1767, John Middleton 1774, Charles Sandys/ Sandys and Co 1763-72, John Scott. Literature, Completing the Picture 1982, pp.23-5, Bomford 1988, Pemberton-Pigott 1988, Kirby 1993, Jones 1997, Sloman 2002, Bower 2004
Marcus Gheeraerts Literature, Hearn 2002
*Sir John Gilbert Suppliers, Lechertier Barbe & Co 1876, Reeves & Sons 1876, Charles Roberson & Co 1876-88
Thomas Girtin Literature, Completing the Picture 1982, pp.30-3
John Glover Supplier, Roberson & Miller 1838 and before
Gluck Suppliers, James Newman 1913-36, George Rowney & Co Ltd, Winsor & Newton Ltd. Literature, Sitwell 1990
*Frederick Goodall Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1842-4
Michele Gordigiani Supplier, William Eatwell 1873 or before?
Sylvia Gosse Supplier, John Bryce Smith c.1914
*Thomas Cooper Gotch Supplier, James Lanham, 1899
*Peter Graham Supplier, William Benham, 1879
*Charles Gregory Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1880
Anthony Gross Supplier, Green & Stone Ltd
*Sir James Gunn Suppliers, C. Roberson & Co Ltd 1932, Reeves & Sons Ltd c.1939-42

*Sydney P. Hall Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1892
*Keeley Halswelle Supplier, John D. Smith 1867
*John Mcclure Hamilton Supplier, L. Cornelissen & Son 1893
Alice Havers Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1880
Arthur Hawksley Supplier, W.A. Smith 1882
*Benjamin Robert Haydon Suppliers, Smith, Warner & Co 1807-22, Thomas Brown 1831
*Edwin Hayes Supplier, William Badger, c.1883
William Jacob Hays Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1859
*Sir George Hayter Suppliers, Thomas Brown 1820-53, Davy 1823. Literature, Muller 1994.
Jane Mary Hayward Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1854
George Healy Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1861
William Hogarth Literature, Bomford 1982, Jones 1988.
Hans Holbein Literature, Foister 1994, Wyld 1998.
*Henry Holiday Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1883
*Frank Holl Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1886
Edward Hopper Supplier, Winsor & Newton Inc from 1939
John Hoppner Supplier, James Poole c.1791
*Arthur Hughes Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1872
Ozias Humphry Equipment, paintbox with bladders etc (Royal Academy, see draft hand list of Artist's Materials)
*William Holman Hunt Suppliers, Thomas Brown (See Townsend 2004), William Eatwell, Charles Roberson & Co 1847-1906, G. Rowney & Co 1876. Literature, Katz 1995, Katz 1998 pp.429-31, 437, illustrating his palate and brushes and his paintbox (check); refers to Rowney's colours.

Julius Caesar Ibbetson Supplier, John Middleton
David N. Ingles Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd after 1912

John Jackson Supplier, Thomas Brown 1823
*G.P. Jacomb-Hood Supplier, Lechertier Barbe & Co, 1886
Derek Jarman Suppliers, Brodie & Middleton, L. Cornelissen & Son
Samuel Jennings Supplier, James Poole 1791
*Augustus John Supplier, Chenil Ltd c.1908-19
Gwen John Suppliers, Percy Young 1902, George Rowney & Co Ltd
Henry Johnson Supplier, Thomas Brown 1838
Alfred Jones Supplier, KFAS, 1900
George Jones Suppliers, Charles Davy, Winsor & Newton

Charles Napier Kennedy Supplier, James Newman 1889
*Eric Kennington Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1908
*Thomas Benjamin Kennington Supplier, Bowden 1883
*Joseph B. Kidd Suppliers, Rowney & Forster 1831, Robert Davy c.1831-2
Elizabeth King Supplier, G. Rowney & Co 1886
Emma King Supplier, Ann Reeves 1863
*Yeend King Supplier, James Newman 1889
Sir Godfrey Kneller Literature, Jones 1988

Sir Edwin Landseer Suppliers, Robert Davy 1820s, Thomas Brown 1834-48, William Eatwell
William Larkin Literature, Cove 1990
Robert Scott Lauder letter to a dealer in artists' materials (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge MS 3-1966, no. 16, see Artists' Papers Register)
*Sir Thomas Lawrence Suppliers, John Middleton, James Poole c.1801, George Field 1810, Thomas Brown c.1810-19
*Henry Le Jeune Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1852
*Edward Lear Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1861
Philippe Ledoux Supplier, Charles Henry West 1934
*Richard Lee Supplier, Thomas Brown 1854
*Lord Leighton Suppliers, Charles Roberson & Co 1860-86, William Eatwell c.1862-4. Literature, Woodcock 1996. Equipment, paintbox containing 26 paintbrushes (Royal Academy, see draft hand list of Artist's Materials)
Sir Peter Lely Supplier, Charles Beale 1671-6. Literature, Talley 1981 pp.359-74, Hendriks 1994
Charles Robert Leslie Suppliers, Thomas Brown 1814, George Field 1840
Frederick Lewis Supplier, Aug. Walker 1913
*John Frederick Lewis Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1856
*Moffat Lindner Supplier, James Lanham, c.1898
*John Linnell Suppliers, James Newman 1825, Thomas Brown 1838-52, Cowen & Waring 1838, Robert Davy 1821-33, Winsor & Newton 1864-74. See Types of Materials varnishes
Leon Little Supplier, L. Cornelissen & Son 1886
*Edwin Long Supplier, William Badger 1882
James Lonsdale Supplier, Thomas Brown c.1835
P.J. de Loutherbourg Suppliers, William Legg 1804, John Middleton 1804
L.S. Lowry Suppliers, Boots Ltd, Winsor & Newton Ltd

*Ambrose McEvoy Supplier, C. Roberson & Co Ltd 1919
*Daniel Maclise Supplier, Winsor & Newton c.1834-9
*Sir Daniel Macnee Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1853
Thomas Manby Supplier, Charles Beale 1677
*John Martin Supplier, Thomas Brown 1839
Arnold Mason Supplier, Green & Stone Ltd 1942
John Mastin Supplier, 'Titian' Medium Manufacturing Co by 1902
*Sir John Everett Millais Suppliers, Thomas Brown 1849-51, Winsor & Newton 1851, William Eatwell, Charles Roberson & Co 1851-81. Literature, Sheldon 1998. Equipment, paintbrush (Royal Academy, see draft hand list of Artist's Materials)
John Moffatt Supplier, Arthur Pond 1743-57
Piet Mondrian Supplier, Madderton & Co Ltd 1938-40
*Henry Moore Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1886-7
Carton Moore-Park Supplier, Henri Meunier, 1910
*Joseph Mordecai Supplier, John Bryce Smith 1891
*Philip Morris Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1884
Felix Moscheles Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1891
*Tom Mostyn Supplier, C. Roberson & Co Ltd 1918
William Sydney Mount Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1854
George Munn Supplier, Lechertier Barbe & Co c.1879

Paul Nash Supplier, James Newman Ltd 1940-3
Nasmyth Supplier, Taylor & Norrie
Maud Neale Supplier, John Bryce Smith 1914
C.R.W. Nevinson Supplier, Arthur Colley & Co by 1937
*Mary Newton Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1863
Ben Nicholson Supplier, Ripolin Ltd 1935
*William Nicholson Supplier, Chenil Gallery c.1917
*James Henry Nixon Supplier, Roberson & Miller

*George Bernard O'Neill Supplier, Dimes & Elam 1856
John Opie Supplier, James Poole 1799
*Sir William Orpen Suppliers, Barnard & Son, 1905, Chenil Ltd 1919
*James Orrock Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1907

Samuel Palmer Suppliers, Smith, Warner & Co 1827-38, Roberson & Miller 1838-9, James Newman 1838-72, William Eatwell. Literature, Completing the Picture 1982, pp.39-42
*Thomas Gambier Parry Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1857-80
Frank Paton Supplier, Reeves & Sons 1886
James McIntosh Patrick Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1939
Robert Peake Literature, Woudhuysen-Keller 1988
*Stephen Pearce Suppliers, John Sherborn 1851, Thomas Brown 1851-6, Winsor & Newton 1853-6, William Eatwell 1853-60, John Reeves 1855, G. Rowney & Co 1855-9
Thomas Phillips Supplier, Thomas Brown 1827-35
*F.R. Pickersgill Supplier, Roberson & Miller 1837, Charles Roberson & Co early 1860s
Lucien Pissarro Suppliers, Winsor & Newton Ltd by 1892, Percy Young 1917
Andrew Plimmer Suppliers, James Newman, Roberson & Miller
C. Polowetski Supplier, H.S. King 1909
Arthur Pond Supplier, David Bellis 1737-50. Literature, Lippincott 1983 pp.76-82, Lippincott 1991
*Sir Edward Poynter Supplier, Johann Faber 1904

Sir Henry Raeburn Suppliers, John Middleton 1788-1822, Taylor & Norrie. Literature, Dick 1987, Stevenson 1998. Equipment, Easel (Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh, Ayres 1985 p.34)
Allan Ramsay Suppliers, Nathan Drake 1752-65, Charles Sandys/ Sandys & Co 1765-75, J. Middleton 1780-2. Literature, Jones 1988
Gwendolen Raverat Supplier, Percy Young 1913
Catherine Read Supplier, Robert Keating, 1755
*Sir George Reid Suppliers, Charles Edward Clifford 1868-70s, James Newman 1881
Ramsay Richard Reinagle Supplier, Robert Davy 1834
Sir Joshua Reynolds Suppliers, John Middleton, Wyatt 1788, James Poole 1789. Literature, Talley 1986, Jones 1988, Dubois 2000. Equipment, camera obscura (Science Museum, London, see Ayres 1985 p.64), easel, sitter's chair and painting table (Fairbairn 1982, pp.64-65)
*George Richmond Suppliers, Robert Davy 1826, Roberson & Miller 1833, William Eatwell 1872.
*Sir William Blake Richmond Supplier, Lechertier Barbe & Co, 1880s
David Roberts Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1850-63
Archibald Robertson Supplier, Reeves 1800
George Romney Suppliers, Griffiths by 1797, James Poole 1794-9. Literature, Brett 2002
*Dante Gabriel Rossetti Supplier, Lechertier Barbe c.1859, Charles Roberson, Winsor & Newton 1872. Literature, Fredeman 2002
*Sir William Rothenstein Supplier, James Newman c.1909
*Richard Rothwell Supplier, Thomas Brown c.1831
Sir Peter Paul Rubens Literature, Roy 1999(2)
*John Ruskin Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1889
John Russell Equipment, colour box (Royal Academy, see draft hand list of Artist's Materials); recommended Bonhote's crayons, 1772

*William Salter Supplier, Charles Edward Clifford
*Frederick Sandys Suppliers, Watson 1858, Winsor & Newton 1858, Thomas Brown c.1859, Charles Roberson & Co 1864-9, James Newman 1894, Lechertier Barbe & Co, 1896. Literature, Elzea 2001
*James Sant Supplier, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1886-9
*John Singer Sargent Suppliers, Lechertier Barbe & Co, c.1888, James Newman c.1891-3, William Henry Monk 1911, George Rowney 1911, Winsor & Newton Ltd c.1919-22. Literature, Ridge 1998(1)
*F.R. Say Suppliers, Thomas Miller 1843, Charles Roberson & Co 1845-8
Heinrich Schiött Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1862
William Scott Supplier, G. Rowney & Co 1842
Byam Shaw Supplier, Titian Medium Manufacturing Co by 1904
Sir Martin Archer Shee Supplier, Thomas Brown 1811
*Walter Richard Sickert Suppliers, James Newman 1892, Cornelissen 1894-1916, Winsor & Newton Ltd 1915
*James Smetham Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1855
John Smibert Suppliers, Mitchell 1743, Arthur Pond 1743-57
*Joseph Southall Suppliers, Charles Roberson & Co 1897-8, Winsor & Newton Ltd, 1903,. Literature, Dunkerton 1980 pp.19, 20
Stanley Spencer Supplier, John Bryce Smith Ltd
*William Clarkson Stanfield Suppliers, Robert Davy 1833, John Wikey 1836 or later, Winsor & Newton 1858
Louisa Starr Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1872
Philip Wilson Steer Supplier, James Newman 1898-1915
*Alfred Stevens Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1840s, 1850s
Thomas Stewardson Supplier, John Middleton 1824
*Frank Stone Supplier, Thomas Miller
*J.M. Strudwick Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1886-96
Gilbert Stuart Suppliers, James Poole 1795, Thomas Brown. Literature, Goldberg 1993.
George Stubbs Literature, White 1980, Completing the Picture 1982 pp.26-29, McClure 1984, Shepherd 1984, Mills 1985
Thomas Sully Suppliers, Thomas Brown 1838-53, G. Rowney & Co 1840-5, Charles Roberson
*John Swan Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1896
*E.S. Swinson Supplier, Reeves & Sons Ltd 1934
William Symons Supplier, G. Rowney & Co 1902

*James Jacques Tissot Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1870-2
Arthur Tomson Supplier, James Newman c.1892
Robert Tonge Supplier, George James Keet
*Prince Pierre Troubetskoy Supplier, John Bryce Smith 1893
John Trumbull Suppliers, James Poole 1801, Thomas Brown 1814. Literature, Sizer 1950
E.J. Turner Supplier, Lechertier Barbe & Co, after 1883
*J.M.W. Turner Suppliers, John Middleton c.1798-1809, William Dickie before 1807, Henry Matley c.1819 and later, John Sherborn, James Newman 1827, Roberson & Miller, Robert Davy c.1832, Thomas Brown 1839-45, G. Rowney & Co c.1842, Winsor & Newton. Literature, Whitley 1931, Butlin 1981, Completing the Picture 1982, pp.43-44, 52-56, Bower 1989, Bower 1990, Townsend 1990, Norville-Day 1992, Bower 1999, Townsend 1993(1), Townsend 1993(2), Townsend 1995, Winner 1999. For Turner's view of a colourman's workshop (Tate Gallery), see

Sir Anthony Van Dyck Literature, Talley 1981 pp.150-5, Roy 1999(1), White 1999.
*John Alfred Vinter Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1879

Edward Wadsworth Supplier, Lechertier Barbe Ltd 1923
Robert Walker Supplier, Fenn 'the Liegois' 1651-2
*Henry Wallis Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co late 1850s
*Samuel Walters Supplier, B.B. Powell
*Edward Matthew Ward Suppliers, Roberson & Miller 1834, Charles Roberson & Co 1861
James Ward Suppliers, Thomas Brown 1836, Barnard & Son
*John William Waterhouse Suppliers, James Newman 1888, Leonard Sanders 1917
*G.F. Watts Suppliers, William Eatwell 1860s-1873, Winsor & Newton 1860-1905. Literature, Willoughby 1987, Ridge 1998(2), Beyer 2004
Henry Weigall Supplier, William Badger c.1878-81
*Henry Tanworth Wells Supplier, Winsor & Newton 1863
Benjamin West Suppliers, John Middleton 1803, Atherstone 1813
Francis Wheatley Supplier, James Newman 1797
Michael Whelan Supplier, C. Roberson & Co Ltd 1937
*J McN. Whistler Literature, Townsend 1994, Hackney 1994, Hackney 1995, Stoner 1997. Whistler was a copious letter-writer, and a large tranche of this correspondence, covering the period 1855-80, is now accessible on the internet at His suppliers included Lechertier, Barbe in 1878
Rex Whistler Supplier, L. Cornelissen & Son 1927
Thomas Whittle Supplier, Pinnick Brothers 1857
David Wilkie Suppliers, Taylor & Norrie, Thomas Brown 1809-23
*Alfred Walter Williams Supplier, Charles Roberson & Co 1844?
*Terrick Williams Supplier, C. Roberson & Co Ltd c.1925
Richard Wilson Supplier, James Newman
George Wright Supplier, George Rowney & Co Ltd before 1938
Joseph Wright of Derby Suppliers, James Poole?, Charles Sandys 1759-63. Literature, Wyld 1986, Jones 1990, Jones 1991, Hodgkinson 1995

Johann Zoffany Literature, Massing 1988

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