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VistaDB Version 3

VistaDB 3.3 fully managed embedded
database engine runs Nothing but .Net!

Designed and built as a 100% managed code database engine.
Now with TSQL Procs!

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About VistaDB 3.3

VistaDB 3.3 is a powerful ADO.Net 2 provider for Dot Net. Do you need an embedded SQL database engine built for Microsoft .NET, Compact Framework or Mono?

VistaDB is the lightweight alternative to SQL Server 2005. No need to install complex services with your application, xcopy deployment makes shipping VistaDB with your app simple!

Developers can build embedded cross-platform ASP.NET and WinForms database applications for desktops, mobile devices and web servers using VB.NET, C# or any other Dot Net enabled language.

  • Small < 1 MB footprint truly embedded ZeroClick
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 compatible data types and T-SQL syntax
  • None of the SQL CE limits
  • Single user, multi user local or using shared network.
  • Partially trusted shared hosting is no problem.
  • Royalty-free distribution - single CPU deployment of SQL Server costs more than a site license of VistaDB!
  • Download a 30 day trial of VistaDB 3.3 here.
  • Full source available for purchase
  • Early Access to VistaDB 3.4 Beta for all subscribers

VistaDB Express

Read the blog about the release of VistaDB Express! You can now use all the great power of VistaDB on your personal websites and other non commercial projects for FREE.

Get the Express Download now!

Current: Version 3.3 Build 57
Apr 17, 2008

Development: Version 3.4 Dev Beta Build 63
Jul 18, 2008

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