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Friday 3 February 2006, 18.00–22.00

Taking the Tate collection as inspiration, Duckie join the faithful and delve into the world of art and belief. Hostess Amy Lamé invites you to join the congregation for righteous performance, soulful tunes, virtuous visuals and real live vicars!

Order of Service:

Salvation Army Regent Hall Band perform rousing hymns and marching miracles on the Millbank Steps

Salvation Army Regent Hall Band roam the galleries

18.30 onwards
Christopher Green’s soapbox-propped roving proselytism

Tea, cake and conversation with real live vicars (stronger drink available)
Meeting point: Gallery 9

Joshua Sofaer’s tale of meeting his missionary namesake, Joshua Soafaer, in Namesake: The Story of a Name with soundscape by composer Jonathan Cooper.
Studio 1, Manton Foyer
Free tickets available from Information Desk
Limited seating

Buddhist Dh Nagaraja, leads a tour of the galleries
Meeting Point: The Rotunda
Spaces may be limited.

Palestinian songstress Reem Kelani enchants in Arabic, accompanied by Zoe Rahman on piano.
Meeting Point: North Duveens Stage

Gospel illusionist Tommy Angel and his assistant, Miss Direction, explore notions of evangelism and belief using magic and illusion.
Meeting Point: North Duveens Stage

18.00 onwards
Divine discs spun by DJ Hushpuppy.
Meeting Point: Octagon

Public artist Martin Firrell projects words of wisdom onto the Duveen gallery walls throughout the evening.

Tate Britain  Throughout the gallery
Free, no bookings taken

Access for wheelchairs and pushchairs