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Donald Rodney  1961-1998

Donald Rodney In the House of My Father 1996-7
The estate of Donald Rodney
In the House of My Father  1996-7

Photograph on paper on aluminium
image: 1220 x 1530 mm
on paper, print

Presented by the Patrons of New Art (Special Purchase Fund) 2001


In the artist's open hand is a sculpture made from sections of his own skin. These were removed when he was having treatment for sickle cell anaemia.


Rodney uses autobiography to address larger social and political issues from the perspective of a black British man. He also deals with more personal issues of identity, family and home. This small house has been seen as symbolising 'the fragility and the near-futility of Rodney having to live within a structure hopelessly unable to sustain itself'.


 (From the display caption August 2004)