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Level 2 Gallery

Current and forthcoming Level 2 Gallery  exhibitions

Latifa Echakhch, Erratum, 2004 © The artist
 Level 2 Gallery: Latifa Echakhch   19 September  –  23 November 2008
Latifa Echakhch creates sculptures and installations that explore the visual and architectural codes of identity.
Still from 'Script: Citizen: 248 predictions about what I will do when democracy comes.' 9 Scripts from a Nation at War © David Thorne, Katya Sander, Ashley Hunt, Sharon Hayes, Andrea Geyer, 2007
 Level 2 Gallery: 9 Scripts from a Nation at War   13 June  –  25 August 2008
This ten-part video installation by David Thorne, Katya Sander, Ashley Hunt, Sharon Hayes and Andrea Geyer responds to the conditions and questions that have arisen during the military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Past Level 2 Gallery  exhibitions

Katinka Bock, PS: Jerusalem, 2003 © Katinka Bock. courtesy galerie Jocelyn Wolff, Paris
 Level 2 Gallery: Here We Dance   14 March  –  26 May 2008
Here We Dance features artists who use bodies in movement, group actions and games to explore ideas of community and politics.
Lida Abdul, Dome, 2005 © Lida Abdul. courtesy Giorgio Persano Gallery. Paolo Pellion
 Level 2 Gallery: Illuminations   14 December 2007  –  24 February 2008
This exhibition presents four film and video pieces that explore gestures and spaces that shape belief.
Judi Werthein, Brinco, 2005 © Judi Werthein. courtesy inSite 05. Alfredo de Stefano
 Level 2 Gallery: The Irresistible Force   20 September  –  25 November 2007
Addressing issues from celebrity culture to migration, the service industry and privatisation, this exhibition explores the seductions and contradictions of systems of exchange.
Matei Bejenaru, Impreuna/Together , 2007
 Level 2 Gallery: Artist Platform - Matei Bejeranu   8 September  –  9 September 2007
This performance and video installation was devised by Romanian artist Matei Bejenaru, working with a number of Romanian community groups in London.
John Baldessari, Learn to Read, poster 2003 © John Baldessari. courtesy Marian Goodman Gallery, New York / Paris
 Level 2 Gallery: Learn to Read   19 June  –  2 September 2007
This dense and visually diverse display brings together works by 29 artists which play with text, erasure and miscommunication. Learn to Read explores failed articulations, shifts and slippages through translation, repetitions, memories and humour.
Manfred Kuttner, Siebenauge, 1962 © Johann König, Berlin
 Level 2 Gallery: The Artist's Dining Room   2 March  –  4 June 2007
The Artist's Dining Room explores the ways in which artists are reinvigorating the language of abstraction, in both painting and sculpture, through the use of brilliant paints, shiny surfaces and unexpected materials.
Martha Rosler , Photo Op, 2004. From the series Bringing the War Home: House Beautiful, new series © Courtesy the artist and Galerie Christian Nagel, Berlin/Cologne
 Level 2 Gallery: Media Burn   16 December 2006  –  18 February 2007
This thought-provoking exhibition presents a selection of works which look at the often uncertain boundaries between politics and protest, art and the media.
Thomas Helbig, Seliger, 2006 © The artist and Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin and Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London
 Level 2 Gallery: Rings of Saturn   30 September  –  3 December 2006
Rings of Saturn is the first in a new series of displays which forecasts themes or trends in international contemporary art.
Roman Ondák, It Will All Turnout Right in the End, 2005–6. Installation at Tate Modern © The artist
 Level 2 Gallery: Roman Ondák   29 July  –  17 September 2006
Roman Ondák's art focuses on questioning perception and the nature of codes and conventions of social behaviour.
Brian Jungen, People's Flag , 2006. Textile Installation © The artist. Tate Photography
 Level 2 Gallery: Brian Jungen   20 May  –  9 July 2006
This is Brian Jungen's first exhibition in the UK and presents intriguing new work made specifically for the Level 2 Gallery.
Simryn Gill, Untitled (detail: The Asian Highway: A complete Overland Guide from Australia to Europe, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1979), 2006 © The artist. Jenni Carter
 Level 2 Gallery: Simryn Gill   18 March  –  7 May 2006
Gill's installation, made from books assembled over many years, questions the systems which humans create to 'know' the world around them.
Catherine Sullivan, The Chittendens, 2005 © The artist. Courtesy Catherine Bastide, Brussels and Metro Pictures, New York
 Level 2 Gallery Catherine Sullivan   19 November 2005  –  5 March 2006
Catherine Sullivan presents a new multi-screen video based on the intersection of contemporary dance, live art, performance and video.
Jan De Cock, Denkmal 53, Tate Modern, Bankside 53, London SE1 9TG, 2005 © Jan De Cock
 Level 2 Gallery: Jan De Cock   10 September  –  30 October 2005
Jan De Cock's installations are made in response to the architecture of Tate Modern and are both aesthetic interventions as well as performing a utilitarian function.
 Level 2 Gallery: Meschac Gaba   25 June  –  21 August 2005
Meschac Gaba's works examines the cultural and economic codes of exchange between Africa and the West, through engaging visitors in an exchange of ideas.
Damian Ortega, Módulo de construcción con tortillas, 1998 © The Artist. Kurimanzutto, Mexico City
 Untitled: Damián Ortega: The Uncertainty Principle   23 April  –  12 June 2005
Subverting the notion of sculpture as a solid, monumental, finished object, the works Ortega has selected to show at Tate Modern are intended to stir up doubts.
Simparch, 2005. Installation view Tate Modern © Simparch. Tate Photography
 Untitled: Simparch   19 February  –  10 April 2005
The fifth in a series of eight-week displays exploring The Public World of the Private Space was undertaken by the collaborative group Simparch, testing the physical limits of the gallery space.
Dr Lakra, Mosquitoes, 2003Courtesy Kate MacGarry, London
 Untitled : Pin Up: Contemporary Collage and Drawing   4 December 2004  –  30 January 2005
Pin Up: Contemporary Collage and Drawing is the fourth exhibition in Tate Modern’s new Untitled series which looks at The Public World of the Private Space.
Mohamed Camara, Chambre Malienne No 47 (Certains matins je n’ai pas le courage de commencer la journée), 2001–2002 © Courtesy Galerie Pierre Brullé, Paris
 Untitled: Mohamed Camara   2 October  –  21 November 2004
Mohamed Camara’s photographic works form the third in a series of eight-week displays exploring the theme of The Public World of the Private Space.

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