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High level segment gets underway

Phil Woolas, Wednesday 12.30 pm. Our officials are heavily involved in the details of the negotiations and were working through most the night.

Went to a Met Office side event yesterday evening with a very professional but terrifying presentation on temperature rises. They gave me a copy of their powerpoint presentation which I can adapt to use myself.

Good news on deforestation but, I thought, a response from Friends of the Earth which totally misses the point. They said “this scheme is a form of eco-imperialism foisted on the developing world”.

It’s absurd to argue against hard money going to developing countries to reward rainforests for the global environmental good they provide. Greenpeace see this and said “it would be unthinkable for the next phase of the Kyoto Protocol not to address tropical deforestation”.

I met with the Environment Minister for Guyana today. To claim that incentives are being ‘foisted’ on developing countries couldn’t be further from the truth. Their President recently proposed that to encourage the sustainable use of the Guyanan forests and to value the carbon benefits, they would offer the forests to the carbon market either through carbon trading or bilaterally. It’s an ambitious and innovative proposal and one which merits consideration by us and by others.

Hilary and I are meeting our EU counterparts for lunch today. We’ve been meeting with other counterparts from other countries throughout the morning while our officials are in the negotiations.

Opening the proceedings this morning were powerful speeches this morning from the President of Indonesia (widely know as SBY!), UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and of course Kevin Rudd who received a huge ovation for ratifying Kyoto.

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