Wednesday 6 November 2002


Gordon Brown outside 10 Downing Street; copyright: ReutersWelcome to the official website of 10 Downing Street, the historic home and office of Gordon Brown, the British Prime Minister.

The famous building fulfils many roles.

It has been the heart of government for over a century as the meeting place of the Cabinet and as a reception venue for dignitaries from around the world. 

It is the workplace for the many staff that support the Prime Minister and it is also the home of Mr Brown and his family.

Our website will give you an insight into what goes on behind the famous front door including sections on:

We have biographies of each of Britain’s 52 Prime Ministers and you can take a tour around Number 10, viewing the Cabinet Room, the famous staircase and State Rooms. You can also watch films on the history of Downing Street and past Prime Ministers.

We also explain how green number 10 Downing Street is by outlining the measures we take here to protect the environment.

If you have particular concerns on an issue, you have the opportunity to send an epetition to Downing Street. Our site also provides you with the opportunity to email the Prime Minister.

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We hope you enjoy your visit!



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